Life is like a trail. Up and down, in heat and cold, both easily and hard with clenched teeth. The joy and euphoria of every moment being as well as occasional hopeless slapping in a shit. You can think hundreds of times that it cannot be worse - and then you just wonder again and again what all you will have to meet.

TRAILTOUR is all that just in a highly concentrated form. Without stabilizers, preservatives and E-numbers. Non-perfumed, non-pasteurized, non-homogenised. Just a commercial spot for a RAW product, where you become the only writer, director and protagonist.…. the whole story 

Stage overview

Overview map for download

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Basic info about TrailTour

In cooperation with Czech-Slovak INOV-8 team and specialized running shops we have prepared 50 stages in 7 countries for this year. It's up to you how many stages you will run. You can pass each stage at any time, day, night, alone, with your friends, repeatedly. We will always count your fastest time in the results, which will be converted to points. There will be triggered additional specific competitions in the selected stages during the TT – e.g. peak, downhill or simple time trial...

Leaderboard will be updated every evening. We appeal to a consistent and fast pairing of your runs to the Strava. A new 5-day time limit is added to the rules to download time to the application. The reason is the effort to preserve the atmosphere and the attractiveness of the event for all participants.

The new element of this year's edition is also the possibility of downloading stage maps into the Phonemaps mobile application. You will find there a separate TT folder with all the maps. The application can be used as a direct off-line navigation on the track. On each stage page you will find a short story with description and gpx. log to be downloaded to your watch. There is also a stage map for download and print. We strongly recommend to take this map with you and add possible notes before. A new feature on the stage page is a photo gallery and a discussion forum. We will be happy to share your experiences, photos, tips, insights and recommendations for the others. In addition to this forum, there is the TrailTour public group on the FB.

This year, you can join the TT in two modes. If you want to figure on the leaderboard and run for prizes, you have to register yourself. If you want to run without seeing your results, welcome too. Registration in this case, it is not necessary, but you cannot get any prize. Complete instructions on how to get involved with the TrailTour 2018 you can find HERE, complete rules then HERE.

MINISTER OF HEALTH WARNS: This game is addictive and causes quite nice addiction.