The story of TrailTour

Life is like a trail. Up and down, in heat and cold, both easily and hard with clenched teeth. The joy and euphoria of every moment being as well as occasional hopeless slapping in a shit. You can think hundreds of times that it cannot be worse - and then you just wonder again and again what all you will have to meet.

TRAILTOUR is all that just in a highly concentrated form. Without stabilizers, preservatives and E-numbers. Non-perfumed, non-pasteurized, non-homogenised. Just a commercial spot for a RAW product, where you become the only writer, director and protagonist. If you reject this role, nothing happens. Your life will be exact the same as before. And that´s the point….

TRAILTOUR is about admission. It preserves all new challenges, new ways, new horizons, new landscapes, new people, new encounters. Infinite charm, inexhaustible energy, addictiveness, playfulness and beauty of the run. Magnificent pictures of nature … it only remains for us to be amazed and grateful for all this. Miracles of new dawns, morning fogs and golden nights with black silhouettes of distant peaks. Every breath of yours. All your bad and right decisions. Doubts and weaknesses as well as determination and strong will to go on. Knowing yourself, discovering your possibilities and limits. Looking for and finding your inner freedom.

If you accept all this, you accept it just like bunch of other things that we do not know anything about. Because it's just your way. You accept the opportunity to change. Step by step. There is always another horizon behind every peak ...

Even Emil Zátopek said: "If you want to win something, run 100 meters. If you want to experience something, run marathon." With TRAILTOUR it's the same. Unique experience, emotions...

Peter´s Glončák is the main winner of TRAILTOUR 2017 and this is his feedback:
"What did the Trail Tour give me? First of all a lot of moments of "here and now“. Beautiful, but sometimes hard moments when you hit your bottom. Something that is hard to describe, but people who know this feeling, can look into your eyes and they understand. Joy of stages planning, even of surprises when things change. Excellent training. Exploring unknown places, regions. Random encounters. New friendships. For me as the winner also a lot of great running shoes for all terrain types and last, but not least - race in the Lake District which I just can’t wait like a little boy..."

It´s here again. It´s time for new stories